The Pelican Beach Resort

More than two thousand five hundred years ago in this sea the Greek ships of Focea fought against that of the Etruscans and the phoenians.The Phocaeans won the war but at a high price of abandoning their colony of Alalia in Corse and to take refuge in southern Italy.

After the war, one of the Greek ships of survivors drew close to Sardinia in search of safety before sailing again. In that moment the seamen saw a big white bird. The big Egeo pelican. It was certainly a sign of the gods to them.

The pelican flew around the ship and then headed towards the coast while the sun set. In that way it went in the direction of a beautiful creek and then landed on the most beautiful of the little beaches that form a crown of the gulf. during sunset its feathers have a bright golden color. After some days, both the men and the pelican rested. Off the coast passed the enemy ship in search of revenge without seeing them. One day at dawn the pelican spread its large wings and with a short run into the water flew up towards the south.

It was a dream, once again: the Greeks sailed and since they knew they were not going to return to that land again they decided to give it a name in order to leave a trace. They called it Olbia, La Felice. While passing there, they baptized the little beach where the big bird who guided them landed. To them that beach will forever remain the Pelican Beach.